Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant


The Los Angeles Lakers have been successful for decades in the professional basketball. They are what all professional sports team try to emulate.

– They attract the best talent in their respective professional sport.

– Their branding is a world-wide product.

– Basketball legends are affiliated with the team: West. Baylor . Kareem. Chamberlain, Magic and now Kobe

– The greats of yesterday know how to leave the game when it is time. Gracefully.

– Kobe Bryant has brought Los Angeles and the world memories for years to come.

– Kobe is expected to return this year sometime after undergoing surgery.

– Time will only tell if he is even close to resembling the “old” Kobe.

–  In all honesty, no one knows better when it is time to retire than Kobe himself.

– Winners have a tough time when it comes to the decision of retiring in their life.

Regardless, Kobe, no matter what you do hold your head up high. You are a winner and so are the Lakers.

Photo courtesy of (fourwallsonly)


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