Sariol Legal Center donates $3,000 to Lighthouse Community Center, Minnie Street – Santa Ana


The fight for Minnie Street in Santa Ana has a long violent history. ‘Minnie Street, a gritty neighborhood of stucco, concrete and asphalt in southeast Santa Ana. Some 12,000 people are packed into aging two-story apartment buildings that line 5 1/2 blocks like soldiers on a forced march’ – OC Register.

Thankfully in 1996, Lighthouse Community Center was established. During the year the crime rate dropped by 45% as police presence increased. In Fall 2008, Outreach Ministries and the Orange Housing Development Corporation (OHDC) joined into a formal partnership to establish a new community center for the residents in the Wilshire Avenue area of Santa Ana. In January 2010 the Lighthouse Community Center at Wilshire Avenue officially opened its doors. This community center has the opportunity to serve over 400+ families, with the influence of this growing community extending far beyond its boundaries to other neighborhoods of Santa Ana. The residents on Wilshire Avenue face similar obstacles as those living on Minnie Street, with many of their concerns revolving around gangs, drugs and high school drop- out rates. Today, the center provides daily academic assistance to children and teens through after-school programs, as well as adult education programs including ESL (English as a second language).

525231_628622333819070_102832770_nAdalid Cruz (left side) who recently turned 20 years old is a prime example of how this center has helped the community.

“I received a scholarship my senior year of high school. I attended Godinez Fundamental High School rather than my home school, Century, because I felt the need to go to a school that would challenge me academically and that would have a good learning environment.” Adalid is currently attending Wabash College in Indiana. It’s a Liberal Arts College of 900 students just north of Indianapolis. He plans to double major in Financial Mathematics and Spanish with a minor in History. “It’s a ton of work and am not yet sure if I’ll be able to do it all, but so far I’m still on track.” Adalid I became a Christian while in high school, and volunteers in kids camps and loves working with kids. “I would love to be able to teach math or english to kids. I try not to worry too much about what career path I’d like to take. Attending a liberal arts college has definitely helped me become a well-rounded person and broaden my knowledge in many aspects. As opposed to most universities where you study a particular profession, majors at Wabash are more general and that helps us be able to adapt to any working environment. I plan on applying to the Lilly Pharmaceutical company as well as Teach for America. I also have kept myself busy during the summers with internships. I was in Denver, Colorado my freshman summer working as a broker for a produce logistics firm. This past summer I was hired by the same company again and asked to move up their branch to their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was a very neat experience. I recently turned 21 years old.” We are very proud of you Adalid.

Sariol Legal Center is honored to help such a thriving and necessary place right within our Orange County Community. We look forward to being part of the growth of Lighthouse Community Center. Happy Holidays!



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