“I made a mistake that day I could never take back.” -Man who was on his phone when he hit, killed cyclist speaks out.

Just a glance at your phone may change lives forever.  This is the story of Chris Weber, a man sentenced for the death of Andrea Boeve, mother of two, who was out for a bike ride and never came home. 

At night, Chris Weber relives the crash he caused but didn’t see.

A year ago, driving his pickup in rural Rock County, he decided to call his bank to make a loan payment. He looked down at his cellphone. Then he heard a thud.

He had hit Andrea Boeve, 33, who was biking alongside Hwy. 270, her two daughters in a carrier behind her. He ran to her, performing CPR, but Boeve died at the side of the road.

“My heart dropped,” Weber told reporters at a news conference. “I knew it was my fault.”

This powerful video shows the consequences of glancing at your phone while driving.

Be safe. Be aware. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Andrea’s family.



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